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Portugal Stole My Heart

Portugal stole my heart. The architecture, the rich history and culture. The beautiful sidewalks made of cobblestone and tiles are unlike any other city I’ve seen. If you’re into art and paintings, please purchase art from a local artist.  

You must eat Pastéis de Nata when visiting Portugal.These are sweet Portuguese custard tart pastries. Just one isn’t enough. You will become addicted! There is a reason why these pastries are a local favorite


If you’re looking for a dance club, there’s several options. I had the best Kizomba dance experience at Krystal Club. Kizomba is a dance I’m very passionate about and Portugal is known for having Kizomba parties almost every night. Make sure to take a Kizomba class to learn the basics before your trip to keep up till 6 AM. I’m looking forward to returning to dance again. 

I also recommend visiting the roof bar at Hotel Mundial. The landscape of Lisbon is breathtaking. 


If you visit Porto, a wine tour is a MUST! I took a wine tour at Porto Cálem and learned about the different Port wines. My favorite part of the tour was the wine tasting. Beware, Port wine is VERY strong. I was tipsy from the first tasting (LOL).  Port wine will now become your wine of choice. Make sure to purchase a bottle or two to bring back home with you. Port wine is by far my favorite wine. I want to go back just for the wine.

Porto also has several popular restaurants to choose from. I ate dinner after the wine tour at Bacalhau. If you love bacalao (cod fish), this is the restaurant for you. The whole menu features different bacalao dishes. The restaurant is located right off the water and has a breathtaking view.

Portugal is so underrated. I recommend adding Portugal to your bucket list, especially if you’re looking into a budget-friendly trip. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Pictures do not do Portugal justice.

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