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Staycation Getaway <3

Sometimes you need to disconnect to reconnect. Traveling is not as simple as it used to be so I highly recommend a staycation in your city. You never know what you can discover! It’s important to getaway for your own mental health and to recharge.

I escaped for a day to the Getaway in Navasota, TX (an hour outside of Houston). My first solo-trip in my city. Just me in the cabin disconnected from the world. No phone service, no social media, no distractions. I read affirmations, books, cleansed and wrote out my vision for 2021 by the fire pit. It was so therapeutic and healing.


The Getaway is a contactless process. I never communicate with a person. All communication was through email and text. I suggest you screenshot the map and check in instructions prior to arriving. The app and signal may not work when you arrive.

The cabin was very clean! I was so impressed. Super cute and small cabin with a bathroom and AC/heater. A small fridge is provided and a stove to cook if needed. A radio is provided with Bluetooth connection to play your own music. All the items you need for camping are provided. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase the wood to burn the fire pit from Gateaway. They do give you s’mores on the house though. The bed is sooooo comfortable. Be prepared for a great sleep session in nature. Bring your own drinks, food and games.

Relax and have fun!

I had my own dance party and photoshoot. Make sure to bring a tripod to take pictures. It’s isolated and you probably won’t find someone to take your pictures. This was my first trip with my tripod. Game changer! You can purchase your tripod for your next trip on my Amazon store here under "Travel Accessories."

Book your Getaway cabin with my referral link:

$25 off your first cabin booking! There’s several locations to choose from throughout the US.

Tip: It’s cheaper to stay during the week.

It’s time to get creative with travel. This is the perfect solo Getaway. You can bring your boo too for a romantic escape in nature. Staycations are a great way to escape from reality in your own city without having to leave the city or get on a plane. Staycations are also more cost effective.

Follow @rizostravel for more pics and videos on my Gateway staycation.

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