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¡Viva México! (Rona Style)

Everybody and their tias are going to Mexico!

It has been on my bucket list to visit Tulum so I took advantage of this time to take a much needed mental break from reality and fulfill my travel addiction.

The traveling process was fast and easy. Airports are not busy so you don't have to deal with long lines. Masks are required at the airport and on the flight. My flights were surprisingly full. Note, you will have to fly into Cancun and take a bus ($12 roundtrip on Busbud) or taxi to Tulum. Renting a car is an option but I rather not take that risk. The drive is about 2 hours.

Mexico is one of the only countries open with no restrictions during this pandemic. No Covid test results are required to enter. I honestly felt safe during my trip. Masks are required everywhere. You will be given hand sanitizer and temperature checked upon entering restaurants, hotels, buses/taxis and shops.

I personally like to travel on a budget and decided to stay at an Airbnb instead of a resort. You can still experience the resort life by paying a beach club fee at one of the resorts. The fee will serve as a credit for food and drinks. There are plenty of resorts to choose from but I spent my days at Casa Malca, known as Pablo Escobar’s mansion. The decor at this hotel is very unique and the perfect photoshoot location.

Casa Malca

Resorts are open and are offering lower rates than usual at this time. If you are traveling solo, I recommend staying at a resort. It’s a safer option.

Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra was my favorite restaurant in Tulum. The drinks and food were amazingly delicious! I ordered the pulpo (grilled octopus). The customer service and ambiance was top tier! They even serve you wine in the restroom!!!!!

Casa Tortuga Cenote

Sadly, the Mayan Ruins are closed but the Cenotes are open. You must take a day to explore the Cenotes. Be prepared for a workout. You will be swimming and jumping off cliffs. I explored the Casa Tortuga cenotes and really enjoyed my experience. Wear water shoes.


Transportation is very easy to find. Taxis are everywhere (or make a taxi friend that you can coordinate trips with). Buses are even cheaper if you want to visit other nearby cities.

Playa de Carmen

I took a bus to Playa de Carmen for $4 just to explore. I spent my day at a Mamitas Beach Club and tequila tasting on 5th Avenue. The beach water was crystal clear and breathtaking.

Overall, Tulum was beautiful. It was a peaceful getaway. This was the perfect mental break I needed and an introverts’ dream. A beach nearly for myself and plenty of photo op opportunities. My soul is happy.

Things to keep in mind: Water is never free! Always carry mosquito spray and sunscreen. Many public beaches are closed so resorts may be your best option to access the private beach area. Always have cash on you (USD or pesos) because cards are not always accepted. Don’t lose your immigration paperwork you completed when you arrive in Mexico or you’ll pay a hefty fee at the airport when you return.

Please get tested when you return home!!!!

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